Performance Audit Of Web Applications By Professionals

Workshop | 91springboard

Workshop: Performance Audit Workshop
Host: 91springboard, New Delhi

Performance is a Feature, the slower your website loads and displays, the less people will use it directly impacting the growth and revenue of your business.

Yet many people are not able to understand the performance gotchas completely, and don’t make it a part of their deployment process to consider the page load and rendering performance.


  • Comprehensive analysis and discussion of the process to achieve a pagespeed score of 100, with explanation of each point.
  • Profiling with Developers Tools to explore the rendering issues and their respective remedies.
  • Live Audit of Web Applications

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Sahil Bajaj (Founder, PhoneCurry):

Very well conducted workshop. The level of discussion was just right given the audience. Best of luck!

Saurabh (Software Engineer):

Great workshop! Would definitely take care of performance from now on.



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