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Caching is the process that allows you to avoid any sort of processing while serving the response via previously calculated response considering it still valid.

Server and Client side caches

Caching can be implemented in various scenarios, though the kind of caches usually implemented on the server side are listed as follows:

Following are the different types of Caches:

Server Side Caching

  • Proxy Cache, it sits before your application server to avoid any request processing (e.g. Varnish)
Varnish Cache
  • Databases Caching (via Memcached, Redis or any other In-memory databases)
Memcached layer

Client Side Caching

Browser Cache
  • Browser Cache: Leveraging browser’s cache for storing static assets is very important to keep the page refresh time to its minimum.

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  • basket.js A script loader that caches scripts with localStorage.


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