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Evolution of the Web

You might have seen this picture of Browser evoution, but must have experienced their evolution along with the evolution of Web. They both are becoming stronger with each passing day, and are increasing the capabilities of the web based applications to perform better and deliver much more than what they were capable of before.

With increased deliverables, comes increased complexities and the issues related to them. While browser vendors are doing their best to deliver the best performance from their side, it is also upon the developers to embrace the challenge of delivering the best customer experience, which can only be achieved with performant applications.

PerfAudit is a step towards achieving this goal, by involving the experts and the business owners to find the keyholes hindering the performance of web applications. With every Performance Audit, we not only intend to help make a web application perform fast, but also add our findings to the pool of performance improvements that developers must add into their deployment routine to make evergreen performant applications.

We believe in bringing stuff to the table than just plain words. Stay tuned with our social channels to learn, share and evolve.

Before ending this post, just to give you food for thought, web has spread leaps and bounds beyond desktop, and web technologies are used for far more tasks than just representing a business.



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