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CSS Conf Asia 2015 Singapore

CSSConf.Asia 2015 Singapore

We are super excited to be a part of CSS Conf Asia 2015, and share the stage with other great speakers. We look forward to meet you there.

In the meantime, you may want to go through our resource ‘Path to Performance’ to learn everything about Performance.

Stay tuned for our updates about CSS Conference Asia 2015 here.

Post Conference update:

CSS Conf Asia was phenomenal, it was a great pleasure to share the same stage with some of the tech celebrities including Chris Lilley, Father of SVG. Other speakers & audience were equally awesome, and we were glad to have a chat with them regarding Performance.

Singapore was an awesome host, and we truly enjoyed our stay while being part of DevFest Asia.

Our slides for the talk “Performance beyond Page load” presented at CSS Conf Asia 2015:

We also presented at the Talk.js edition of DevFest Asia, here are the slides:



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