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CSS Conf Asia 2015 Singapore

September 19, 2015
We are super excited to be a part of CSS Conf Asia 2015, and share the stage with other great speakers. We look forward to meet you there. In the meantime, you may want to go through our resource ‘Path to Performance’ to learn everything about Performance. Stay tuned for...

Performance Audits now available Offline

August 02, 2015
Building offline experiences has always been on our radar since AppCache rolled out a few years ago, though working with AppCache was a huge pain because of its sheer complexity. Service workers have greatly reduced/simplified the complexity involved to deliver offline experience to your web application users. Browser support for...

jQuery India 2015 Conference

July 24, 2015
Meet us at jQuery India 2015 Conference, Bangalore, India. We will present there on “Performance beyond Page Load”. Stay tuned for updates about jQuery Conf India 2015 here. Post Conference update: After JSChannel conference, it was time to speak at jQuery Conference 2015. Naresh Jain, organiser of jQuery Conference, has...

JSChannel 2015 Conference

July 17, 2015
Meet us at JS Channel 2015 Conference. We will present there on “JS Performance Deep Dive”. Stay tuned for our updates about JS Channel Conference here. Post Conference update: We had a great time while interacting with the vivacious JavaScript community at JSChannel Conf. We highly applaud the efforts and...

MetaRefresh 2015 Conference

April 17, 2015
We presented at Meta Refresh 2015 on “Running mobile web games at 60fps”. Our talk was well received and many appreciated our efforts for adding our contributions in the form of Performance Audits for the benefit of community at large. Slides: Images captured at Meta Refresh: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hasgeek/sets/72157651760892260/with/17077567448/
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